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LOCATOR F-Tx Attachments Products

LOCATOR® / LOCATOR F-Tx® Attachment Systems

Shop Assistant

What is Shop Assistant?

We created Shop Assistant to direct you to the correct products you need to restore your patient based on the criteria you entered. Once you have populated each of the drop down boxes, Shop Assistant will show you the correct abutment(s) and additional items you need to purchase. This saves you from spending valuable time searching through product lists.

How to use Shop Assistant?

Simply click on the arrow next to each box and select the requested information. You will need to have the required information for each implant in order to find the correct abutment and additional items.

To select the abutment the following information is required:

  • Product
  • Implant manufacturer
  • Implant brand
  • Implant diameter
  • Tissue depth at the deepest point for cuff height selection

To select the proper Locator Males and additional items the following information is required:

  • Implant angulation within 0o - 10o or 10o - 20o
  • Technique for processing the Denture Caps into the denture
  • Direct Technique – chairside processing
  • Indirect Technique – Take an impression for laboratory processing


A New Way To Think About Fixed Full-Arch Restorations.

What if screws or cement were no longer needed to attach a fixed prosthesis to the abutments?

What if you could shorten and simplify the treatment appointment?

What if the patient’s esthetics and comfort were maximized?

These questions were at the foundation of the design and development of the unique and innovative LOCATOR F-Tx® Fixed Attachment System from Zest Dental Solutions. By leveraging our many years of expertise with the LOCATOR® Attachment Systems and our understanding of Full-arch solutions for edentulous patients, we strived to create a simpler, more efficient system for FIXED Full-arch implant restorations.